Casting Call: A Midsummer Night's Dream

WWF Style

Oberon: Triple H
Titania: Lita
Helena: Trish Stratus
Hermia: Stephanie McMahon
Demetrius: Chris Jericho
Lysander: Test
Puck: Crash Holly
Egeus: Vince McMahon
Bottom: The Rock
Quince: Mick Foley
Snout: Big Show
Starveling: Stevie Richards
Flute: Michael Cole
Snug: Tazz
Theseus: Billy Gunn
Hippolyta: Chyna
Philostrate: Coach

If you don't know who these characters are - or if you don't know who the wrestlers are - then shame on you!

All right, you had your fun... now SCRAM!