There's Domina, the lovely lass who provided me and Monster (behind her) with transportation. Thank you, Domina!


He-e-e-e-ere's Johnny!! Hot off the SUV turnpike and ready for some rumblin' (it's true... Johnny and I got into a scuffle of sorts).


And speaking of Johnny, no Dopefest would be complete without one of his patented Fryboats! Order yours today from Cap'n Johnny!

There's one end of the table... Merc, Pricciar (Pat), Javamaven... aw, heck, I already named them all! There's just too damned many of them! And to think that this summer's Dopefest is going to be even larger... Oy Vey!


Here they are at the other end of the table. Pat's getting surprised from behind while sitting with Mercutio... who'da thunk it?

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