Deathllama, joined by Ruffian, who is trying not to choke on her food.


I went around the tables trying to get everyone on camera (not at once, silly). I'm not sure I got everyone. Anyway, this is Beatle, Scotticher, and JimB.


And here's Strainger, Diane, and Spiny Norman (Shayna's oh-so-cute squeeze). Note Strainger's glassy stare.


Here's Johnny L.A. and Silver Fire, and sitting in the chair between them is the Invisible Man.


Here's Cowboy Greg, his guy Don, and Mr. Kiltman himself, Thinksnow. Unfortunately, you can't see his kilt - or his ass (thanks, Joey) - in this shot.


And here we see Kyla (desperately trying to get out of the shot, but smiling nonetheless) and Slackergirl (I think that's Slackergirl, anyway).


Here we got Quixotic7, Saphire Bullet (I found that out later), and Joey Hemorrhoid. Joey felt so lonely, he tried oh-so-hard to get into this picture...


Woodstockbirdybird, Katiekilldare, and Caldazar... all of them trying to ignore me, just to piss me off. It worked. After I took this picture, I spent two hours sobbing my little heart out in the ladies room.


Weirddave and Boli. True to his name, Dave is weird... and Boli is so impressed that she spent the whole fest going "Oooooh!"


AlexB and Francesca, enjoying their dinner. Alex noticed that my fly was down and was enthralled... Fran just looked away, snickering to herself.


Manservant Hecubus. I tried to think of a witty caption for this picture... but... that stare.... that mesmerizing stare...


Everyone turned to look when Thinksnow stepped on top of a grate, and a gust of air came up...

This mesmerizing story is to be continued in Part 3!