More group shots. Enjoy them. Learn them. Live them.


Now, isn't this a picture that makes you wish you were at the fest? With these two purdy ladies around? Hoo-yeah...


Many of those present were thrilled at the prospect of the booze that Jodi provided. All in all, however, we'd have preferred to have Jodi there in person... along with the alcohol.


JavaMaven and JustPlainBryan. Aren't they a cute couple? They were kind enough to drive me, Cal, and Silver around Hollywood for several hours.


Another cute couple at the fest. Shayna's just looking rosy when in the arms of her man.


Here we've got Deb2World, posing with her beverage and looking like she's actually enjoying herself.


Ruffian looks really, REALLY happy in this picture. It must be because what Deathllama is doing... or, at least, it looks like he's doing something.


My favorite picture of the whole batch. Isn't Silver a cutie?


Here we have Johnny trying to hypnotize us with his mesmerizing stare, and Monster trying to annoy us with his ugly stare.


Merc was in the middle of an orgasm, and 'Sprix was in the middle of saying "What the fuck are you looking at, bitch?!?" when this picture was taken. Afterwards, Merc asked for a napkin.


Jab1 managed to make it down for a fest, but unfortunately he had to leave before the orgy started. At the next one, we're gonna have to make sure he hangs around a bit longer.


A perfectly wonderful picture of Seadiver and Sue, ruined by my brother's butt-ugly mug. Next time, I'm gonna staple a mask to his face.


And the scariest picture of the evening... Silver Fire came up to me randomly and said, "I wanna put your hair in pigtails!" And, since I can never resist a pretty lady, I agreed.


Wicky, Silver, and Monster104 went out late at night for, y'know, stuff, at the Taqueria Fresca y Cantina.


And Wicky and Kilto - I mean, Thinksnow - also indulging in a good deal of the liquor.


And to wrap things up, we have... Joey Hemlock lying, near-death, in the bathroom. As the TV ads say... "Don't be a Joey. Get drunk in your bed."


Finished! Finally finished! Now those damn SDMB jackals will get off my ass ('cept 'Sprix and Doob, but they're allowed). Since there's nothing more to see here, go back to the main page.