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Arnold and Melin, discussing top-secret stuff... like cookies!  And Play-dough!


In a way, I feel sorry for the Mods who came... every time someone (usually me) made a stupid comment, people would shout "Can you come and close this thread, please?"  Hahahahahaha!  Ha... well, I thought it was funny!


Here's the group, too numerous to name... except to mention that we have a nice rear shot of Arnold and Shayna.


Here, we've got KKBattousai, the pleasant AudreyK, and that obnoxious weenie who calls himself my brother.


Arnold and Ashtar, hangin' out.  Note the look of boredom on their faces... they had just been talking with me.


The Contest of Champions... The SPOOFER versus the Moderator!


I have to say... I had a blast.  Arnold was very witty, Ashtar was good company, Esprix was... well... Esprix.  'Twas a tad weird meeting some of these people face-to-face.  You just don't know what to expect.  However, one thing's for sure... I'm looking forward to the NoCal/SoCal Dopefest this summer more than ever.

More pictures coming when the other camera-laden 'Dopers get 'em in to me!

Scram, I say, Scram!