Done To Death was one of the shows that the Pierce Theatre Department performed during the Fall 2001 semester, from Nov. 30th through Dec. 9th. It wasn't the greatest show in the world, but it was funny... and some great people were involved in it.



Here we have Alissa, who played the part of Jessica Olive. If you look carefully, you will notice that not only is she a lovely young woman, but she's also reversed in a mirror, t'boot.


Our dear Aimee, who, beneath her tough, no-bullshit exterior lies a tougher, even-less-bullshit interior. She managed to snag up three - count 'em, three - different cast roles in the show.


This is the lovely Lisa, who was our Assistant Stage Manager. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take many pictures of her, since... well, I was onstage during the opportunistic moments. I hope she'll forgive me.


Meet Nerval, our Stage Manager. He's a scary guy, but he did a good job making sure we didn't screw up. Don't ask where the name "Nerval" came from.


'Dat's Mike. He played Brad. And, y'know, he did a bunch of other stuff. But, just to piss him off, I'm not gonna tell you about it. Ha! Take that, Mike! Bwahahahaha!


Ryan here played the parts of George and Gregory. He's an amazing physical performer and quite gifted in terms of natural comedy and voices. And he rides a mean motorcycle, too.


Dave had snagged up the part of Whitney Olive. An amusing character, Whitney. Here, Dave's eyes are tuned to some of the wonderful eye-candy we had in the show... d'you blame him?


The oldest member of the cast (sorry, an in-joke)... Richard played Rodney Duckton, a kind of kooky, retired author who seemed to have the youngest inner child...


Now we come to Liz, a veteran of Pierce theatre (she played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard Of Oz last summer). Her character, Mildred Z. Maxwell, was the solid "logical" part of the show.


Guillaume - AKA Gil - came out of the show with a pair of parts that he played perfectly (how's that for alliteration?). Another Pierce Theatre veteran... you can also see more of him on my Roster page.


Up next is Julie, looking like she's got wicked thoughts in her head (she does). She came straight off of a wonderful performance in The Last Night Of Ballyhoo to help with makeup, costumes, and props... all the little things that make a show work.


Arik here played the part of Jason Summers, an odd TV executive who masterminds the basic premise of the play. His excitable, hyperactive energy translated well into this character, strangely...


This lovely young lass is Erin, and she played the nakedest character in the entire show. Despite that - and her other bad-girl tendencies - Erin still insists that she's a good girl. And... umm.... we believe her.... yeah....
Well, now that you know who everyone is - for the most part (I didn't get pictures of everyone, sorry) - now we can get on to the real meat & potatoes of this photo gallery... Rehearsal and performance pictures! Yay.



The five authors of the show, commiserating on their fate. Whitney looks hurt because Jessica and Brad are flirting, right in front of him...


Aimee is most definitely a bad-ass... Erin, on the other hand... well... sorry, darlin', but you're just another white girl....


Jessica and Whitney, under the influence of alcohol. Jessica may have had a tad too much, but Whitney is, as he put it, "delightfully tipsy."


Here they are again, a bit more sober, but seriously contemplating another drink...


...And here they are drinking (Whit's glass is hidden in this shot)...


...And here's what they do after they're drunk. Whitney is thinking, "Hey, I can see her cleavage!" Jessica is thinking, "Whit needs to shave the back of his neck..."


During the show, Gil and Julie had this pseudo love affair going on (I call it a pseudo love affair because Julie quickly discovered that Gil's got comforting fingers)...


Despite the fact that she had all but latched on to him, Gil managed to restrain his teenage hormones from getting the better of him, proving that, without a doubt, he is a gentleman... of sorts...


.However, the fact remains that Gil needs to learn how to change his facial expression. Here he is, looking for all the world like a sicko rapist, but still he's acting like a runner-up for "World's Most Bored-Looking Person." Learn to smile, Gil!


Alissa holds us all hostage with her trusty Hairdryer Of Doom. Fear its warm blowing action... fear it!


Watch Aimee blush as Alissa delivers a quick peck on her cheek. 'Course, the only action I got from Alissa was a kick in the nuts...


Arik is the type of guy who just seems to be saying "Gawrsh!" all the time. Alissa decided to pose with him anyway.


Here's Aimee with her guy (I think his name is Sam, although ten bucks says I'll soon be corrected). They made quite the cute couple, and Sam was amusing to be around whenever he had the time to drop by.


George (AKA Ryan) practices looking sinister just before he goes out on stage. Don't tell him I said this, but all he succeeded in doing was look goofy.


"Don't mess with me, man, I've got a freshly-trimmed mustache!" Nevermind that it's a fake mustache...


Gregory, the bastard, and Martha, the bitch... you'd think that the two of them would have gotten along swimmingly. How wrong we were.


Here's a good chunk o' people who were involved with the show... cast, crew, whatever. The exception is Julie's friend (try to spot him!)...


And it's them again, looking a bit... er... happier than before. Probably because they're all really, really boozed off their asses.


Erin's enjoying the magic fingers that Julie's friend brought to the party. Lisa, however, just looks dazed and confused.


I think this is the only picture of me in this whole category. Oh well... the lack of me is made up by the fact that, for reasons unknown to me, Erin is grabbing Aimee's breast.


For some strange reason, Arik and Nerval thought it would be amusing to jump on top of Julie... at the same time. I wonder why Arik is making that weird face...?


The two ladies, here, seem to have been inseparable during the course of the show. I wonder why that was...


Mike's drunk. Can you tell?


Unfortunately, his giddy reverie is spoiled by Nerval's intrusion. Mike wet his pants when he had our scary stage manager appear at his shoulder.


Don't ask me whose hand that is. In fact, I don't wanna know, myself.


During rehearsal, our "maid" was quite threatening with her yellow plastic water gun.


A ditz like Jane was certainly weird enough to make our middle-European Gregory's eyes go wide on many an occasion.


Mr. Mike is doing his best Ian Malcolm impression. Wait 'til he starts talking about Chaos Theory.


"Dear Lord, please keep that sound board operator away from me!"


It doesn't take long for either of these two to get into character. They are characters in and of themselves. "My pajamas are custom-made," indeed.


No, that's not Geraldo Rivera. That's Jason Summers, a man that's far more obnoxious. And he kept insisting on wearing really tight pants... ::shudder::


Now, if you saw this woman coming at you with a lustful look in her eye, would you stop to consider whether or not she might be a murderess? Neither would I!!!


"Hmm... this wine tastes bitter and acrid...!"


It's a great thing to have two beautiful ladies in your arms. However, it's a terrible thing to have two beautiful dead ladies in your arms.


Rodney dislikes being called "old," and protests fervently whenever it happens. Hey, when you're surrounded by a bunch of whipper-snappers, do you take guff from them?


After awakening from unconsciousness, Rodney finds himself dazed and confused about his surroundings. You'd think he was old or something...


Mildred's wisdom is delivered with a scathing tongue and sharp, demanding tone. It's no wonder Jason planned to kill her.


Poor, poor Brad edges further and further away from Mildred's stormy temper.


Erin was cold, so in addition to her blankie, she sought out Aimee to warm her up. Am I the only one who noticed a lot of homoeroticism in this cast...?


They was dancin', so, being the sneaky little gremlin that I am, I snagged a picture of the two of 'em looking mighty foolish. Hey, it was worth it.

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