We all thought that Done To Death was done and over with... but NO! As we ran into the year 2002, it was decided to bring out a Reunion Tour! A bunch of us from the D2D cast hung out together out in Malibu Creek State Park.



You know, I tried to think of a funny caption for this, but I think the picture is goofy enough as it is.


Ol' Nerval's trying to look sinister, but without his goatee, he just looks like a celebrity trying to avoid the paparazzi.


Arik decided that he wanted to look like yet another gangsta-wannabe... and he succeeded. But Alissa took pity on him, anyway.


While everyone else proceeded in making fools of themselves, Richard just played it cool... sat back, enjoyed is soda, and laughed whenever one of us would start bleeding.


Arik's lil' lady - I'm remembering her name as "Laura", although I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong - was extremely proud that she developed the ability to "write her name in the snow", as it were.


It wasn't long before we all decided to indulge in the most popular sport in the world (least popular sport in America)... Soccer! And here it is, the Dream Team! (They're hidden behind us.)


One side - Team ZeroPoints - stands around, asking each other, "What's soccer?"


On the other end of the field, Team BeatTheLivingShitOuttaYou prepares to demolish the opposition. And, boy, did they demolish.


Being an experienced soccer player - I assume - Arik managed to keep the ball well away from just about anyone else.


Huh...? Wha...? Who....? Wow, an action shot! I never get enough of those. Anyway, Julie, acting as goalie, heaves the offending ball back into play.


Richard may look old, but as Nerval quickly found out, that doesn't mean he still can't be damned quick. He's got the heart of a lion, he has!


People. Standing around. Not doing much.


It was during this soccer game when I learned that Erin doesn't really "run". She just kinda flails about. Woe be unto you if she kicks the ball anywhere in your vicinity.


Alissa, Julie, and Nerval were all quite worn out near the game's culmination. But not Erin. She's powered by a nuclear reactor, and she'll keep bouncing off the walls for hours.


During the match, Ryan pauses to take a breather... and realizes that his team is winning 7-0.


Poor Julie... she's tired. Ryan barely catches her as she collapses.


Erin pouts, since her team is getting slaughtered, but Alissa manages to keep a cheery outlook. In may have something to do with the alcohol in her system.


Now... don't they look scary? Scowl, Ryan, scowl!


After an exhausting game of soccer, the only thing left to do is.... pose for a picture! Lift that leg, Erin. Good girl.


Still hyped up, Erin returned to her car and put on some music, then began attempting to dance.


It wasn't long before Laura joined in. But she wanted to conceal her identity, so she pulled her hair in front of her face.


"They are the dancing queens, young and sweet, only seventee-ee-een..." Okay, so they're both slightly older than seventeen... sue me.


And then Alissa arrived and took the game to a whole 'nother level... gymnastics!


Of course, given the opportunity, Erin chose to roll across the ground... but it looks like she's break-dancing or something.


Then came Laura's turn, and she pulled off a wonderfully flawless... er... flip-type thing.


And the ladies continue their dancing as... well, I earlier had a great joke here, but SOMEONE's complaining forced me to edit it out (since it no longer made since). Damned censors...


And this is Julie. Again, I had a GREAT joke here, but... oh, nevermind.


And here is where Alissa decided to summon Satan. But we sent him back after he asked us to loan him money.


What to do next, we wonder? Go on a hike, we decide! Here's the Rat Pack, traipsing down the nature trail.


It's us. On a bridge. In front of the mountains. And I look like I'm trying to hit on Erin (I really had just blinked my eyes... really).


These four had randomly run off to the middle of a field to stare at a dead tree. Silly them! But they all looked so amusing together.


Plants have feelings too! Save the rain forest! Stop deforestation! Or some crap like that...


I was falling from a hundred-foot cliff, and they all gathered together to catch me. Unfortunately... they missed. Ouch.


Our trek has worn out our dear Alissa, and she decides to take a rest on a nearby log. What she doesn't realize is that the log is infested with all sorts of ticks and ants and other bugs. Oops.


These two decided to crouch atop another dead tree so's they can scout out the trail ahead... and so they can conveniently outline themselves against the quickly-darkening sky.


Err... don't ask me what they're doing. They're weird.


She was enjoying a quiet moment of meditation to herself... but, once again, the Mad Photographer has struck! Bwahahaha!


And it's Erin and Laura again. I don't wanna think of something witty to write here.


Here we have a shot of Ryan, taken from forty feet above. He looks kinda small from that far away, but don't let that fool you... in real life, he's really big!


Here's everyone (minus me, of course), gathering 'round for one last group shot. Poor Ryan... he's barely in the shot. And Arik had to hog all the space in the circle... bad Arik! Bad!


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