Some of the photos I've collected over the... months.  Click on the image to blah blah blah, you know the drill... or if you don't, you haven't been surfing the 'Net long enough.


Chrisguns.jpg (1735 bytes)


Quite a lovely image of Chris posing just before he goes out to shoot a few random bullets at anything that moves (he generally does this on Thursdays, so it's a good idea to stay home then).
chriskia.jpg (2049 bytes)


Chris and Kia, in one of their rare opportunities to really go all-out in terms of clothing.  This was Kia's senior prom.
Chriskia2.jpg (3236 bytes)


One of the better "casual" pictures of Chris and Kia.  Uh... I don't... really know where this was taken... but... it's nice!  Look at it!  Then... uh... look at it again, and again, and again...
Daniellegrad1.jpg (2058 bytes)


Four crazy maniacs escaping from an asylum... I mean, Chris, Kia, Danielle, and I, taken at Danielle's graduation.
Daniellegrad2.jpg (2175 bytes)


Another picture from Danielle's graduation... from left to right, me, Danielle, Kia, and Chris, all of us looking particularly mild.
Daniellegrad3.jpg (1910 bytes)


A crazier shot from Danielle's graduation... this one happens to include Ronnie, who's obviously quite frightened about being involved with such a group of misfits.
flipprom.jpg (2831 bytes)


What can I say?  It's Flip, looking quite dapper in black.  Hehe... I said "dapper".
FlipSpoogeSPOOFE2.jpg (2196 bytes)


Flip, me, and Chris, taken just before Kia's senior prom (yeah, all of us went).  Note the little square just above my belly... yup, making its first appearance on the 'Net, it's the Red Thing!
Halloween Group 2.jpg (1950 bytes)


A big ol' groupshot from one of Kia's infamous Halloween parties... from left to right, Chris, Kia, me, Bif, Flip, Kat, Emily, Matt, Casey, Sean, some-random-shmoe-who-I-don't-know, and Jen.
kiaflip.jpg (2048 bytes)


Flip's senior prom... he went with Kia.  This picture seems reminiscent of Secret-Agent-type pictures... I mean, can't you just picture Kia hiding a Derringer in her cleavage...?  Yeah, on second thought, neither can I.
kiaprom.jpg (2600 bytes)


Kia, again, exuding attitude.  Once again, taken 'fore mine and Chris's senior prom.
kiaprom2.jpg (3134 bytes)


Am I the only one getting tired of this girl?   Dammit, Kia, go away!!!  Well, okay, don't... but SHEESH, are you a familiar face around here!!
KiaSPOOFE.jpg (1605 bytes)


One of the earliest pictures of me an' Kia.   Both of us look pretty... uh... silly.  Yeah, silly.
Post-whisky.jpg (1758 bytes)


Kia played at the Whisky (Hollywood nightclub) once, and Ronnie, me, Danielle, Kia, Chris, and Flip were hangin' out afterwards.
Promgoup1.jpg (1863 bytes)


Big group picture just before Kia's senior prom.   Included in this picture is Kia's friend and her then-date (both their names elude me at the moment).
Promgroup12.jpg (2325 bytes)


'Nother shot of the group, this one less hyperactive.
Promgroup2.jpg (2301 bytes)


Third group shot... I know, I know, I look sleepy in this one... but Flip looks hellacool, so I had to include it.
SPOOFESpooge.jpg (1751 bytes)


Me an' Chris.  Again, me with my red thing.   Again, taken 'fore Kia's senior prom.  Again.... am I getting repetitive?
SPOOFESpooge2.jpg (1703 bytes)


Me an' Chris again.  Spooge Demon!
SPOOFESpoogeFlip.jpg (3550 bytes)


Me, Chris, an' Flip, taken a few years ago, at mine and Chris's senior prom.  Flip was quite silver back then.


Here's Chris, doing what he does best... focuses his attention on a musical instrument and ignores the outside world. I once saw him survive three months, naked, in an arctic wasteland with only a guitar to protect him.


Flip and his sex-slave... I mean, friend... Eric. Don't ask me much about Eric... he scares me, so I avoid him. And Flip isn't very forthcoming with information, either.


Here's Flip in his element: On stage. That other shmoe is his pal Scott. Together, they MC'ed the Talent Show and, in my opinion, blew the roof off the place.


Flip and Scott again. They should do more projects together... a new-generation Laurel and Hardy.


Me and a mirror. It looks like I'm holding a flashlight, but it's really the camera with which I got this image. Ain't I cute? No? Well, yer right.


Ronnie and her guy, Gil. They were both feeling a mite under the weather when this was taken, but hey, they're still a cute couple.


Ronnie and Gill again. Still weird, still cute. Especially Gil. Dammit, if only Ronnie weren't there to muck up the picture... (kidding, kidding!)


Chris and his guitar again. He doesn't like this picture, which is exactly why I put it up here for all the world to see.


Flip probably has the coolest wardrobe of anyone I know. Here he is, proving to the world that he has style flowing out of every orifice.
Added 9/18/01


Brian and Courtney Waters (Watters? One T, two T, red T, blue T...) following one of the shows at Pierce. Court looks lovely... Brian looks... like Brian.



Brian again, trying to act... um... pointish. Actually, this was one of his characters - Gelbaugh, or however you spell the name - taken to a much greater extreme.



Two candidates for repressed homosexuality if I ever saw 'em. Here's Casey fondling Flip's nipple, while the latter is trying to avoid being overstimulated. Oh, yeah, and the two of them are probably gonna kill me for this, too.


"Mm.... me hungry... me see Kia! Kia nice. Kia purdy. Kia tasty! Me eat Kia!" And no, that's not the good kind of "eating", either.


They've perfected human cloning? Nope. I have a twin brother? Fuck no. They're both me, you doofus... one taken when I had a beard, the other when I... didn't. Compare/contrast, as my old English teacher would say.


Isn't it scary to realize that Flip, a little weaselly wienie, is taller than Corny, a menacing agent of destruction? Life's full of ironies... and cereal, too.


A disheveled-looking Kristen Hanson (Hansen?) following a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I think her hair looks deliciously cute in this one, don't you?


Few things in life can prepare you for the over-the-top wit and humor of the man we call Brian Lewis. His brain is filled with craploads of stuff, stories, and styrofoam.


Here's our friendly neighborhood Golden Boy, Mike Gend. In the short time (well, not really "short") I've known him, he's proven that the only thing he can't do is speak in a high tone of voice. In this image, he looks a bit like a dirty French bastard.


Here he is, folks... the bugbear of all our nightmares (and the subject of Ty's wet dreams), the bizarre-yet-quirky director of the PAB... Gene Putnam.


The Evil Brothers, as it were. Brian Lewis took this photo of Chris and I, and I must thank the man profusely. Note how I'm a lot sexier than Chris is, yet he still gets all the girls... thus proving me right that it's all about the "size".


Ty and Rachel were kind enough to come to my birthday party, so in exchange, I put a nifty picture of the two crazy kids up here on my webpage.
Added 9/20/01


Brian and Peter, conversing like civilized men whilst the rest of us were involved in a barbaric, drunken orgy.


This is Brian and his alter-ego, Rico Laser. Basically, Rico is everything Brian wishes he was: Rich, intelligent, virile, and in possession of a full head of hair.


Chris vs. Chris. I always knew he was schizophrenic... anyway, this is one of his works of brilliance. Through sheer thought power, he managed to figure out how to make himself appear in the same picture without any fancy-shmancy computer work.


Here's Crystal, a woman equipped with the biggest balls I'd ever seen. She played Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz.


Scotty expressing his lust for Brian, and Brian giggling like a flushed schoolgirl. They're such a cute couple...


And another cute couple, I suppose (I'm required by law to say that). Kia has a bit of Dorothy left in her...


Yet another cute couple. Rob is licking Chris's nipple, in case you haven't noticed.


And another cute couple, rounding out the quartet. I think it's amusing that Ty looks completely stoned in this picture, yet was completely sober at the time. Maybe my camera is the kind that photographs peoples' souls?


A bunch of the Wizard guys. From left to right: Chris, Rob, Pat, Mark, Brian, Roger, Tim, and Manuel.


Our dear ol' friend Chris again, this time with... someone. I forget her name. She sure is a looker, though, ain't she?


No, your eyes are not deceiving you... this really is Flip, dressed in a sailor suit, and trying to ass-rape a giant fish. Don't ask...


Two of the biggest nerds I know: Bif and Flip, at their graduation. Although Flip does look somewhat evil... can't fault him for that.


Gil here is a fun kid. His full name is "Guillaume" or something weird like that. He has a habit of giving lots of money to Brian, but, so far, none to me.


Here's Patrick, everyone's favorite monkey, and Kristen the Stage Manager, and Charles the lighting designer, all from the Wizard group.


I haven't the foggiest name who the girl is (Flip told me last night, but I forgot), but she sure is nice on the eyes. Flip, however, isn't.


A totem pole of intelligence, with the smartest one being on top.


Damn, what a nice looking suit. If only Corny weren't there to ruin the picture...

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