Images reminiscent of my Pierce years. Most of these blokes came from the Theatre Department.



The five of us (me not pictured) were hanging around Del Taco for an hour or so, being hoodlum-like.


The lady of the evening, Erin. She's one of the newer addition to the bunch. Greet her warmly.


The foursome again, this time a tad more posed.


It's me. Being me.


Well, the front three gathered together, and I thought, "Hey, I can jump in behind them!" And I did. Thusly, this image was created.


Chris can't keep his hands off his own nipples.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what boredom looks like.


Chris found that one of Erin's erogenous zones is just behind her knee. At least, we think it's an erogenous zone.


Ah.... isn't that cute? Well, the redhead is. I ain't.


They were planning ways to take over the world. Unfortunately, the sharing of brainpower failed due to Brian being off-axis.


I was walking along, minding my own business, when this Dracula-like creature leaped onto my shoulders for some reason.


Here's Erin again, trying not to break her neck.


Chris, being the old windbag that he is.


It's... well... it's a totem pole. What more is there to say?


Scott figured that blowing a bunch of smoke in front of the camera would be cool. He was right.


Chris can't keep his hands off Brian's nipples, either. I guess he just can't keep his hands off nipples in general.


Chris also can't keep his... um... out of... uh... nevermind. Note Brian's interest in the events before him.


Scott continued smoking his cigarette as Erin falls to her untimely demise. How poetic...


Here we see Scott making Brian his bitch. Don't watch, everyone, this isn't going to be pretty.


And the aftermath... note Brian's traumatized, glassy stare, and Scott's sleepy-eyed demeanor.




Jeez, Chris is just an out-of-control sex machine, ain't he? Poor Brian!


Jeez, Erin is just an out-of-control sex machine, ain't she? Lucky Brian.


The boy loves his flowers. Watch him giggle mindlessly.


"I love you all! Now lie on top of me and do some wiggling!"


Chris was getting a little too wild, so in order to control him, Scott locked him in the Tazzmission.


There's a whole lotta ass in this picture. But at least it's a nice-looking ass.


This, conversely, is an example of a not-nice-looking ass.


Me again, making a couple new additions to the Quote List.


The foursome, yet again, but this time being funnier.


And here we have Lisa's debut appearance on my webpage. She played Lala in Ballyhoo. Chris played Peachy, hence the hair.


The man himself... with his woman. Damn, Scott really does have a huge head.


Right down the table... we've got Rebecca on the left, and me, Brian, and Erin on the right.


Mirella (is that how her name is spelled?) doesn't like having her picture taken. We took it anyway. Bwaha!


The two lovers, ordering their meal. Ah, look at Kia's bright-eyed, glazed-over stare. Proximity with Chris has a euphoric effect on her.


The two of them again. Kia sez: "Ooh, Chris, I just love it when you give me a hickey."


Me and my lover: Sugar!


Me and Lala... I mean, Lisa.


Mirella again, being flanked by Erin and Peter together. Peter was in the middle of saying, "Wha...?"


A picture that was in the restaurant we were at. Scott snagged this shot.


Rebecca (the one on the right) played Boo in Ballyhoo. An amusing individual to be around, most certainly.


Lala and Peachy again. Chris looks confused, doesn't he?


"This is my man, and I love him very much!" Brian says. "Oh, Spam help me," I pray.


And here's Natalie, damp hair and all. She played Sunny in Ballyhoo.


Natalie again, looking quite content with her guy, here. "You can't have him! He's mine!" she growls.


Brian as Joe Farkas. "Say my name.... bitch!"


Lisa as Lala, Miss Sassy-ass herself. "Me? You should hear some of the things Peachy comes out with!"


Scott again, and Denise again, with Mirella in the background again.


Chris ain't no angel, but he'd love you to think he was. Brian and Erin allow him his delusioned fantasy.


Brian happened to get a hernia from carrying the redhead across the threshold. He spent many a day crying his little heart out.


Hmm... I guess she didn't like that last comment. Look, dear, put your knife away... I've kinda grown attached to my nuts...


Now we've got Julie, who played Reba in Ballyhoo. She looks so happy because she hit the liquor cabinet before she came to rehearsal.


Here's Rebecca again, at one of the many Ballyhoo rehearsals.


And Mirella, also at a Ballyhoo rehearsal. She was the Assistant Director, but mostly just hung around and looked pretty.


"I'm gonna make you a deal you can't refuse." Our Stage Manager looking authoritative. Fear his wrath.


Lisa looking a tad frazzled. All the Ballyhoo nonsense kinda wore her out.


That's our Scott, sitting outside in the parking lot, enjoying his cigarette, not having a care in the world...


"Hat," as Kia is wont to say. "Hat. Hat! Hat!"


Yeah, I know... it's her again, down in the makeup lab.


"I'm evil, I tells ya!" Actually, he looks like that bully from A Christmas Story.


Scott and the beloved Crazy Girl, both staring at something amusing.


Mirella again, hanging about down in the costume lab. She's spent many an hour down there in the past couple of days.


Y'know, we really should forbid Chris from touching... well... anything. But especially things that make him act stupid.


Chris Jensen, our sound board operator, pretending to be working. It fooled most people, but not me!!!

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