It the day before my brother's birthday, so he got a little gift and a card. Although all his years with computers have left him unsure as to what a "book" is used for...


"He took his own cherry!" I refuse to explain that quote.


I must've taken almost a dozen pictures of Mercutio, and that boy just can't keep his damned eyes OPEN!! (By the way, that big, scary, hairy thing on the right is supposed to be me... my brother described me as a "dirty hippy".)

There. We've rectified the situation. Problem now is that he can't CLOSE his eyes!! Gah... it's always SOMETHING with you, isn't it, Merc?


"We shall fight on the beaches, in the forests, and in wrestling rings around the world." Winston Churchill - or "Winnie" as he liked to be called - cast a somber yet strangely amused glare over all of us the entire night.

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