Invasion! They came by the thousands, overrunning the quaint California village of Redondo Beach like ants swarming on a popsicle that some snot-nosed little kid dropped when he noticed that he wanted a big bowl of ice cream instead! The spoiled little brat...

Anyway, first thing's first: The Dopetoberfest of October 20-22 (or thereabouts) has been, to date, the largest Dopefest to ever congregate (not counting the annual orgies, which have had thousands in attendance). There were a crapload of people in attendance, so I'm not going to repeat it here (besides, you shouldn't be reading this if you didn't know who came, anyway).

Anyway, enough with the jibbah-jabbah. You blokes want the pictures. So here they are! (NOTES: Special thanks to Mauvaise, who was prompt in her deliverance of pictures to me. Additionally, keep in mind that some of these have been "altered" to either make them funnier, or to make me less ugly. You have been warned.)


Mercutio sez: "Please, no pictures!" Sea Diver, on the other hand, loves the spotlight.


Doobieous is just thrilled to be on camera. Behind him is Monster104, and the two lovely ladies are Kyla and Fran (who, as this picture was being taken, was asking "What's that growing on your neck?")


Joey Hemlock. A crazy mofo if there ever was one. See that in his hands? That's a camera. But has he sent me pictures yet? NO! Bad Joey.


All right, I admit it... there really wasn't a miniature Enterprise flying up Thinksnow's ass. But, dammit, there should've been!


Here're some of the crazy folks that I ran into: AlexB, Wicky (I think), Joey Hemlock again, Francesca (behind Silver Fire), and Caldazar. Silver didn't want her picture taken, but apparently I was too quick for her. Bwaha!


Mauvaise, a fellow shutterbug. She gets 50 SPOOFE points for getting her pictures to me. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF YOU BASTARDS?!?!? Gah! I'm getting too old for this...


The quintessential dynamic duo of the California Dopers. Don't they look so gosh-darn cute together?


Thinksnow and AlexB, hanging out at the motel. Don't fret, ladies and Germans, all the pictures from the big dinner bash will be coming up in a bit.


Joey loves being touched by pretty young ladies, even if it means he has to play packhorse.


"Hey, guys, Esprix's here! The party can get started now!" The Gay Guy himself arrives at our little fest.


"SpiderNen, SpiderNen... climbs tall things like Big Ben..." Okay, I'll keep my day job... ::grumble::


A picture is worth a thousand words...


...And some are worth six or seven thousand.


"I claim this Nen in the name of Spain!" Silver Fire is a possessive little thing...


Well, who's that sexy guy? Why, that's Doob! Who's that... thing... with him? Why, that's... me.


Wow.... now.... this is... an.... interesting picture...


The same ol' group, hanging out. Note that these images are primarily the people who were at the motel when I arrived. A bunch of other shmoes come later, at dinnertime.


Silo again, looking oh-so-sinister, along with the muchly-loverly Katiekilldare, Unclebill, and Woodstockbirdybird.

Anyway, hoping that I didn't forget any pictures (hey, man, I've got a cold... I'm doped up on Tylenol), let's move on... to The Dinner Party Of Doom! Dum-dum, dum-dum...