And here he is... the guest of honor, the Evil One himself.... Coldfire!


And now here he is looking a bit less evil... and a bit more boring. Oh, note that we never really did get around to settling the Clogcock issue. He claimed that it was too cold out.


Since I'm a very lazy bastard, I'm only going to put a single caption for these seven pictures. They're group shots. See? Big group. Many people. Too many for a lazy person like me to name at one go. Group shots. Get that into your skull! GROUP SHOTS!!!


My favorite type of Dopefest shot... a view right down the table. Like that trench run from Star Wars. You can just imagine a couple X-wings dashing past Dougie Monty and Dave Swaney here, can'tcha?


And now they're all turned away, looking at something more interesting than me (as if such a thing exists!).


Doob's brain sez: "I wish that SPOOFE asshole would get the hell away from me." And guess what? I did! Amazing, the power of telepathy...


One of the coolest people at the Fest, standing next to the dumbest person at the Fest. Note: The former is the one in the kilt.


Sue Duhnym, a woman with balls bigger than those of most men, standing next to Weirddave, a man with balls smaller than those of most women. But both are so gosh-darn cute.


Mistress Duhnym again, thinking: "Would someone get this big, walking carpet out of my way?" Nobody did. And Sue was sad. Notice what happens to my hair if I don't brush it away every fifteen seconds.


Silo and Silver Fire, molesting each other. Come to think of it, there was a lot of molestation, fondling, poking, prodding, pinching, licking, and dripping going on at this fest...


We had to get Nym REALLY DRUNK to pose for this picture with my brother.


Mauv & Wicky, hanging around and looking cute. Don'tcha just love that Peak-A-Boo look?


Man, Katie's looking like she could make the Pope commit lustful sin. And Silo thinks he's just so damn clever... ::grumble grumble::... Mauv, meanwhile, is just enjoying the human contact. Hey, wouldn't you?


Fran was an amusing one. She's just so itty-bitty... Merc, of course, is no slouch, either, but he is a bit more vertically-inclined.

Anyway, this page is getting a tad long... head on to Part 2 of the Dinner Party Of Doom!