This was the large banner I held to let all the 'Dopers know who we were...


They came by the dozens... descending on Studio City like vultures to a kill, like sharks to a frenzy, like blondes to rich men. On February 23, 2001, 14 people of all shapes, sizes, aromas, and Phylum materialized... and the world was never the same again!

Note:  Shayna requested that her face not be shown, for security reasons.  She's currently undercover, and if the Canadians figured out what she looks like, all would be lost... so when you see the Smiley Face... that's Shayna!


Here's the group... click on the image to see the full-size photo!


The group included me (SPOOFE), Anamorphic, Phouka, Shayna, Wrenchr, Cowboy Greg, Johnny L.A., Monster 104, Esprix, Melin, Arnold Winkelried, Ashtar, KKBattousai, and last but not least, AudreyK.


Johnny L.A., and his... er... "pirate ship" (he's not a very successful pirate).


We all met in Studio City.  We had dinner plans at Jerry's Deli in Studio City, but we had intended to hit the bowling alley next door for some fun & games beforehand.  Problem:  No lanes were available!  So, rather than go find something else to do, we hung around the bowling alley and clogged up the joint!  Yeah!  We showed 'em!


He-e-e-e-ere's Arnold... and his magical gold shirt!


And Ashtar, quite the shutterbug, obviously.


Here he is without his camera obscuring the view.  He's a quiet guy, but fun to be around.


Cowboy Greg, definitely a charmer, with his attention directed elsewhere.


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