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We got a lot of stares from the random blokes around us.  I can't really blame anyone... I mean, we were a sexy bunch.  Except for my brother.


Esprix, a tad blurry here, is about to meet his end at the hands of a suddenly insane Johnny L.A.


A nice pic of KKBattousai.  He and AudreyK seemed quite amused at the nutcases that surrounded them!


There was some worry that Mark Serlin would show up at the 'Fest and begin acting... well... Serlin-esque.  Hence my admonition for a "No Serlin Zone."


Here, we've got Melin and Phouka from behind, and Shayna, Anamorphic, and Shayna's sister from the front (that sounds dirty...).


Arnold, Shayna, Shayna's sister, Monster 104, Phouka, and KKBattousai... all just hangin' out and pretending to be normal.


Just married, and on the way to the hotel room for the honeymoon!


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