The Minutes of the Gods

11:23 - SPOOFE and Kia sit down for a colm discussion of their individual superiority status.

11:24 - SPOOFE comments on how the refreshment cookies taste like shit.  Kia defends the cookies by claiming that they were cat biscuits and that they tasted amazing.

11:25 - SPOOFE asks what kind of cats the biscuits were made out of.  Kia lunges at SPOOFE.

1:58 - Kia and SPOOFE stop fighting.

1:59 - SPOOFE makes a comment about feline intellect.  Kia lunges at SPOOFE.

2:31 - Kia and SPOOFE stop fighting.  SPOOFE attempts to continue the calm discussion.

2:32 - SPOOFE asks Kia if she wants an altoid.  Kia accepts.  SPOOFE asks Kia if she wants some Josta.  Kia declines.  SPOOFE asks if Bryan wants some Josta.   Kia questions why Bryan would want some Josta.

2:33 - After chuckling for several dozen seconds, SPOOFE comments on Bryan's odd sleeping habits and how the caffeine would overcome ineffectual loving on Kia's part.   Kia lunges at SPOOFE.

2:56 - The fighting stops after Kia knocks SPOOFE through the wall.  He crawls back to his seat slowly.

2:57 - Katharine and Chris appear, then leave, using the excuse that they thought this particular room was the bedroom.

2:58 - Kia claims that she is the more superior one because she's drawn more dragons than SPOOFE.

2:59 - Katharine comes in, with disheveled clothing, and asks where the Josta and chains are stored.  Kia gives her directions to K-Mart.

3:00 - SPOOFE shows Kia his pictures of dragons being blown to smithereens and makes an off-color comment about her "precious dragons".  Kia lunges at SPOOFE.

4:44 - SPOOFE knocks Kia dizzy with a blw from a rubber chicken.  Kia is dazed.   SPOOFE attempts to continue the calm discussion.

4:45 - SPOOFE questions Kia's superior status with arguments about her addiction to felinic elements.  Kia rants and raves nonsensical gibberish about cats being amazing.

5:17 - SPOOFE stops laughing.

5:18 - SPOOFE starts laughing again.  Kia lunges at SPOOFE.

6:52 - Kia and SPOOFE stop fighting.

6:53 - Kia scoffs SPOOFE's addiction to large firearms.  SPOOFE questions if Kia would like a "real" large firearm.  Kia answers in the affirmative.

6:54 - SPOOFE pulls out his Gadzooka and fires.  Kia creates a rather large exit hole.

7:14 - Kia touches down somewhere in the Sudan.  The debate has yet to be resolved.


Flee this place

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